The 3rd Pion-Nucleon PWA Workshop  
:: Introduction

The 3rd International Pion-Nucleon
PWA Workshop

....TO THE 1st OF JULY

University of Tuzla
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006

Scope of the workshop/topics of interest

1. A further development of unitary, analytic, coupled channel PWA

•  Numerical stability with respect to the number of channels

•  Increasing number of channels

•  T matrix vs. K matrix formalism / the importance of analyticity

•  Background separation

2. Extension of existing CC_PWA codes

•  Vector mesons

•  Photo production

•  Organization of future activities: PEOPLE, PLACES

•  Pushing forward international collaboration/joining forces

3. Unification of resonance extraction procedures

•  Identifying differences in definition of resonance parameters


•  The role of BRAG

4. Re-evaluation of known resonance ratings

•  Comparison of pole positions

•  Towards a "world compilation of pole parameters"

5. The significance of analyticity

•  Analytical procedures

•  Numerical procedures (Pietarinen expansion…)

•  Sigma term

6. Do the T matrix poles indeed correspond to the quark model resonant states?

7. Quark model predictions for the low lying nucleon resonance states

8. Continuum ambiguities

•  Basics

•  Is nowadays the proper attention paid to the CA problems?

9. Quest for new experiments

•  Present status

•  Importance of new inelastic measurements

•  Importance of photo-production

•  Creating a bench-mark experimental data set

•  How to classify experimental data? (Can we invent a star-rating system for experimental data?)

•  Support to the existing proposals (FERMILAB, EPECUR…)

•  Are there any possibilities for new proposals?

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:: Organizers

International steering committee:

Prof. Michael E. Sadler (ACU)

Prof. Jugoslav Stahov (UNTZ)

Dr. Alfred Svarc (RBI)

Organizing committee:

Mirza Hadžimehmedović (UNTZ)

Hedim Osmanović (UNTZ)

Amela Softić (UNTZ)

Amira Kasumović (UNTZ)

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:: Pre-registration
In order to allow for a smooth organization, I would ask you to confirm your participation to
our e-mail address by March 20th.

The e-mail should contain the following information:

    * Name (Title, Family and first name)

    * Affiliation

    * Country

    * Time of your stay

    * Hotel needed?

    * Want to give a talk?

    * If yes: suggested title

 Those of you who need a written invitation, please write to us as soon as possible.

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:: List of participants
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:: Accomodation

Accomodation information can be found at:

Hotel Tuzla , *****

Hotel Bristol , **

For reservations, please contact us. We will negotiate discount rates for the Workshop participants.

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:: Schedule

Workshop place
The University Center for Distance Education Development (UCDED)
University of Tuzla


Title of talk
9:00-10:00   Welcome, introduction and overview of the workshop
10:00-10:45 Alfred Svarc Full two-body amplitudes asd input for the eta meson production in nucleon-nucleon scattering
11:00-11:45 Pekko Metsä Progress and Problems in Analyticity Constrained PW Analysis
12:00-12:45 Shon Watson Analytic PWA constraints based on interior hyperbolas
13:00-15:00   Lunch break
15:00-18:00   Training - application of Zagreb code, SAID, CERN-library, etc...


Title of talk
9:00-9:45 Milorad Korolija* MR podsustav polarizirane mete u Mainzu
10:00-10:45 Sasa Ceci Model Independent Extraction of Resonance Parameters
11:00-11:45 Branimir Zauner Incorporating pi N --> pi pi N channel(s) into CMB formalism
(a progress report)
12:00-12:45 Mirza Hadzimehmedovic Three methods of determination of the pion -nucleon sigma term
13:00-15:00   Lunch break
15:00-18:00   Training - application of Zagreb code, SAID, CERN-library, etc...


Title of talk
9:00-9:45 Ivan Supek * Eksperimentalna fizika, što je to?
10:00-10:45 Darko Mekterovic* Crystall ball experiment u nacionalnoj laboratoriji Brookhaven
11:00-11:45 Michael E. Sadler Status of future pion-nucleon experiments at ITEP, FNAL, and J-PARC
12:00-12:45 Jugoslav Stahov Sigma term-how well do we know its value?
13:00-15:00   Lunch break
15:00-18:00   Training - application of Zagreb code, SAID, CERN-library, etc...
19:00-.........   Conference dinner, restaurant ''Kazan mahala''


Title of talk
9:00-9:45 Michael E. Sadler * An overview of experimental tehniques used to perform measurements in pion-nucleon scattering
Pregled eksperimentalnih tehnika koje se koriste za izvodenje mjerenja kod pion-nukleon raspršenja
10:00-10:45 Darko Mekterovic Low energy pion-nucleon charge exchange
11:00-11:45 Milorad Korolija GDH (Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn) sum-rule analysis
12:00-12:45 Hedim Osmanovic Determination of the ππ—> NÑ partial waves in the region
13:00-15:00   Lunch break
15:00-18:00   Training - application of Zagreb code, SAID, CERN-library, etc...

* For non-specialists and students
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:: Touristic info

Temperatures at the end of the June in Tuzla range from 20 - 35 degrees Celsius (68 - 95 deg F).The temperature is usually accompanied with high humidity. Rain is unlikely, but can happen and it is usually just a brief and warm shower.

National currency is Convertible Mark (KM) (Konvertibilna Marka).
Exchange rate on 2/17/06 : 1 $ = 1.649376 KM ; 1€ = 1.95583 KM.

Tuzla- Facts

Tuzla is situated in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina , at the western foot of the Majevica mountain range. The city is the political, economic, educational, cultural and sports center of Tuzla Canton. A road and rail hub, Tuzla is the center of a lignite, oil, and gas region. Nearby are stone quarries, saltworks, plum orchards, and mineral springs. First mentioned in 950 as a county under Hungarian rule, the town was later referred to by historians as Soli. Soli means "salts" in the local Slavic language, and the city's present name means "place of salt" in Turkish . However, there is enough archaeological evidence to suggest that Tuzla was a rich Neolithic settlement, and hence inhabited continuously for more than 6,000 years which makes Tuzla one of the oldest European cities with sustained living. The architecture of Tuzla is a blend of Islamic and Western styles. Structural damage to many buildings in the old city has been caused by subsidence from salt-mine shafts that honeycomb the earth beneath the city. Population 133,861 (2003 estimate).

Tuzla- Tourist info

The remains of culture-cities, fortresses, towers, religious building, tombstones, historical acts, state institutions and written materials-are valuable cultural-historical treasure which testify about time, people and their deeds. These remains are worth seeing, visiting, and studying. An open-air museum at Solni Trg, opened in 2004 , tells the story of salt production in Tuzla . Worth visiting are also: University, Historical Archive, Museum of Eastern Bosnia, Public theatre, Theatre cabaret, Public and University library, Bosnian culture center, International gallery of portraits, Museum of salt exploitation, Commemorative complex "Slana banja"-Trnovac, monument to miners, Leder's statues, Institute for cultural and historical inheritance protection, sacral buildings: mosques (Turalibegova, Caršijska, Jalska, Džindic, Atik-džamija), Ortodox church of "The most holy Mother of God assumption", Chatolic church of saint Peter and Poul- are situated in Tuzla. Tuzla has a popular spa "Slana banja" situated in Hotel " Bristol ".

International airport "Tuzla" provide regular and charter flights to some destinations. Tuzla has modern network of fixed and mobile telephony and also has a good Internet connection.

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:: Logistic info

Dear colleagues, participants of the 3 rd Workshop, we are in process of finalizing workshop schedules. In order to do this we need some information from you.

•  We need you to provide us with the titles of the talks you plan to give at the workshop.

•  A few of our undergraduate students will participate in some of the Workshop events, and we would like the experimenters (i.e. Milorad Korolija, Darko Mekterovic, Michael Sadler, Ivan Supek) to prepare popular lecture regarding the experiment in their area of expertise. These should be understandable and of interest to our undergraduate students and non specialists in Particle Physics. Also, please, send us the titles of these lectures.

•  Accommodation for the workshop participants will be at the Bristol Hotel, in Tuzla . We will inform you later about the accommodation costs.

•  We expect your reply within the next week.

Best regards.

The 3 rd PWA Steering Committee

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:: Support
''Coca - Cola'' BiH

''Genelec'' d.o.o. Tuzla


Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, Tuzla Kanton

''PIVARA'' d.d. Tuzla

Printcom Tuzla

University of Tuzla
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